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Communication is the key to success for every business. Therefore, every discussion or meeting should be face-to-face and crystal clear.

Attention to details. We have a lot of products that complement your ideal conference room such as: touch controllers, display mounting kits, expansion microphone arrays, codecs, & certified room solution devices for Microsoft Teams Rooms & Zoom Rooms.

Video Accessories (23)

Poly EagleEye Director II for EagleEye IV 4x & 12x

LE 197,060.00

Poly EagleEye Producer for EagleEye IV 4x & 12x

LE 47,350.00

Universal Camera Mounting for Poly EagleEye IV & EagleEye Producer

LE 3,760.00

Logitech Swytch

Logitech RoomMate

Logitech Mounting Kit for RALLY Sytem

LE 5,000.00

Logitech Mount for RALLY Mic Pod

LE 1,770.00

Logitech Mic Pod for RALLY System

LE 7,720.00

Logitech Speaker for RALLY

LE 4,790.00