Spare Headset and Charge Cradle for Savi 400 & 700 Series

SKU: 82905-22

Spare headset + charging cradle designed for Plantronics wireless headset systems. Ideal for hot-desking & multi-shift environments in which multiple users (with a headset for each one) share desk space (with the wireless system base installed). Charging base sold separately.

Product Variant Models:
      1. W430 W730 OTE
      2. W420 W720 OTH Binaural
      3. W410 W710 OTH Monaural
      4. W440 W740 Convertible (WH500)

      Multiple work shifts. One headset system.

      Cost Savings

      • No need to purchase full wireless headset systems for every employee
      • More economical way to add new headsets for new hires
      • Less setup time
      • A full recharge takes three hours, so three shifts can share one wireless headset system

      Benefits to workers

      • Resolves hygiene issues as everyone has their own headset
      • Users can choose the headset style that suits them best (but if headset style is different from original, it may not be able to charge from base)
      • Less desktop clutter with one headset system on a desk
      • Hot swappable battery kit lets users change battery mid-conversation – delivering unlimited talk time (for Convertible models with deluxe kit - not included - only)
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