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Communication & collaboration solutions can be divided into 2 types:

  1. Personal (1 to 1) Communication Solutions: Get connected wherever you are. These types of solutions are well-suited to get collaborated with others, without sticking to your office desk only. Irrespective of wherever you are- at home premises or workstation or some other place- meet people face-to-face easily using your own personal device.
  2. Group (Room) Communication Solutions: Room Solutions require the highest quality voice, video, and content sharing experience, ensuring that every individual can easily participate in the discussion/ conversation. Multi-platform environments are becoming the norm & Cloud pc-based solutions are taking over from standards-based IP stand-alone solutions.

Audio Video room solutions maybe deployed in several forms:

  1. BYOD (stands for Bring Your Own Device): The safest enterprise application of BYOD is to standardize the personal PC/ laptop devices used by employees as well as the operating system & software applications installed on these devices. For conferencing & collaboration functions, the specifications of audio video hardware must meet the requirements & meeting rooms must have corded or wireless connectivity options for screen & file sharing during the call
  2. Certified Room Solutions: Room solutions refer to enabling & installing a complete & easy to join setup for quality audio video conferencing & collaboration for meeting rooms. Such solutions can be customized to bring video conferencing and collaboration to any type of meeting space (such as Boardrooms, Huddle Rooms, Conference Rooms, Training Rooms, Classrooms, Theatre, ... etc). Depending on your needs, you can customize your hardware selections to perfectly match the goals of that room. Among the most popular ready-made meeting room solutions are: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, & Google.
  3. Customized Room Solutions: This approach combines the benefits of having a dedicated room PC/ laptop supporting multi-platform video applications, professional high quality audio video systems according to the room size & layout, as well as the possibility of adding interactive touch screen/s, & integrating with 3rd-party discussion or public address (PA) systems.

    Our solutions portfolio to include the following categories:

    Meeting Solutions By Room Size Meeting Solutions By Video Platform Multi-Platform Solutions Personal Solutions
    Group Solutions By Meeting Room Size
    Group Solutions By Video Platform
    Multi-Platform Group Solutions
    Solutions for Personal Use