Why buy Plantronics from Authorized Resellers?

Plantonics sells their headsets directly through a global network of Authorized Distributors such as Global Communication.

Global Communication then sells the headsets either directly to the end consumer or through multiple Authorized Resellers covering Egypt. We normally buy inventory of your product and we have had a 25 year business partner relationship with Plantronics.

As a distributor, we also provide extra services like marketing, branding, and after sale services such as warranty.


The following are some reasons why you should be careful about buying from non-authorized dealers:

  1. Stock: Authorized distributors must have stocks & samples of different models
  2. Expertise: As the only Authorized Distributor in Egypt since 1992, we are most qualified to provide the best advice concerning Plantronics products, headset deployment, headset management, & best practices in the market.
  3. Warranty: Some non-authorized dealers will claim that they will warrant your purchase but may in fact not be in a good position to do so or they don't have the required support from Plantronics.
  4. Authentic Product: When you buy from an authorized dealer you are assured of getting the real deal. There is zero risk of buying a fake or imitation product.
  5. Reputable Service: Given a poor service, a non-authorized retailer is in a poor position to deal with product trouble-shooting and any other service issues. If you are not happy with a product or want to trade-up you may find it hard to get a refund or full-credit trade up.

How you know you buy from Plantronics Authorized Distributor?

  • Global Communication is listed on www.plantronics.com as the only Authorized Distributor for Plantronics headsets in Egypt.
  • We can provide proof of our status through a leglaized letter from Plantronics.

How you know you buy from Plantronics Authorized Reseller?

  •  All our retail (Bluetooth, Audio, & Gaming) headset packages have a Global Communication warranty sticker on the front
  • All our retail (Bluetooth, Audio, & Gaming) headset packages have a sticker on the back specifying the following: Country of Origin, Supplier, & Type.
      Package Front           Package Back


        Plantronics headsets are available from the following companies/ stores:

        Business Headset Channels:

        (e.g. for Contact Center, Unified Communications, & Office)


        Global Communication
        Retail Headset Channels:
        (e.g. for Bluetooth Mobiles/ Tablets , PC/ Mac, & Gaming Consoles)
        Orange Egypt Virgin Megastore Egypt
        Souq Egypt Jumia
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