‘I work to live, not live to work’


    Connected consumers work hard during the day, but live for the evenings and weekends, when they like to relax and catch-up with friends. Technology is a focal point because it can act as both a social and entertainment hub. 

    It can often be difficult to find a quiet space to take calls, and connected consumers often have to compete with various levels of background noise. That can also get in the way of listening to music on their laptop, or engaging properly with films and games. Indeed, they would really like to create their own private world that follows them wherever they go.

    They need lightweight, easy-to-use tools that look good, and are tough enough to survive frequent use. These tools must deliver immersive, hi-fi-quality audio that can drown out any background noise, and also clearly pick up and amplify the spoken voice. 

    Staying in touch is also crucial when they’re away from home, because they keep in regular contact with friends from around the world using voice over IP (VoIP), Facebook and instant messaging applications. Being able to switch seamlessly from watching a film to being on a call is very useful. Our Plantronics headsets meet these everyday lifestyle demands.

    This subcategory is dedicated to .Audio PC Corded Headsets created for VoIP, entertainment and internet calling.

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