‘I need to answer my calls, anywhere, in the office or on the go’


    Business workers spend much of their day speaking to customers and colleagues on the phone. They’re very busy and can’t afford to waste time repeating information, or asking callers to do so, even though their desks are often located in a fairly noisy, open-plan office.

    Business workers have to get the information they need from telephone conversations as quickly as possible, and sometimes they have to be highly persuasive during calls. They often have to wander around the office to speak with colleagues or attend meetings, and always have to be contactable. Clear communications are vital, so they must rise above the background noise anywhere in the office.

    Business professionals need lightweight, easy-to-use tools that deliver the best possible audio quality with all-day talk time. These tools have to offer exceptional call quality and, ideally, the ability to roam away from desks within the same building. Workers need simple technologies that make life easier and require minimal support from the internal helpdesk.

    With a focus on clear, consistent and reliable voice collaboration, Plantronics is dedicated to partnering with enterprises to provide superior audio devices for unified communications deployments. The Plantronics Unified Communications portfolio offers a broad range of solutions for diverse working styles, with high-quality audio and world class technical support.

    Our Plantronics office headsets meet these everyday business demands. This subcategory is dedicated to Unified Communication corded & wireless telephone & speakerphone solutions branded 'Calisto'. These solutions are ideal for UC users who talk a lot or make many conference calls but do not prefer to wear a headset.

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