‘I am the voice of the company’


    For Contact Center workers, every day is a whirlwind of conversations in which they provide expert help to a steady stream of customers. Every caller could have very different needs, and workers are under constant pressure to provide effective, personable service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Contact Center staff have to build a quick rapport with each new customer and ask them questions to establish key facts. It’s also part of the job to persuade customers to take action, buy services and perform tasks. To achieve this, Contact Center workers have to be able to hear the caller clearly and also rise above any chatter in the Contact Center. They therefore need robust tools that can withstand constant daily use and are comfortable to use for long periods of time. These tools have to be able to reduce background noise, protect against sudden loud sounds and also provide crystal-clear audio quality at both ends of the line. Staff frequently have to escalate calls to colleagues both inside and outside the Contact Center. The ability to see who is present, and available to take calls makes it much easier to quickly connect with others. Being able to make a three-way conversation with an expert and customer helps improve knowledge, improve customer experience and make workers more effective.

    Our Plantronics Contact Center headsets meet these everyday business demands.This subcategory is dedicated to wireless DECT headsets branded designed for desk-phones & for professional, heavy duty (5-8 hrs / day), multi-shift work e.g. Contact Center environment.

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